Below is the complete archive of examples of professional audio recording performed by Lockwood ARS.

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F.J. Haydn - Symphony No. 99 in Eb Major: IV Finale: Vivace
J.S. Bach - Cantata 151: Süßer Trost, mein Jesus kömmt
Johannes Brahms - III. Scherzo from String Sextet No. 1 in Bb Major
Sergei Rachmaninoff - Second Unfinished String Quartet
Howard Bashaw - Catullus
Kirk Elliott - A Cradle Song
Franz Biebl - Ave Maria
Malcolm Forsyth - Pop s Cycle: II. Song of Light
Arvo Pärt - Spiegel im Spiegel
Malcolm Forsyth - Eight Duets for Young Cellists: I. Pitter Patter, Mouse in Batter
Malcolm Forsyth - Burlesque
Krszystof Penderecki - String Quartet No. 1
Krszystof Penderecki - String Quartet No. 2
Grazyna Bacewicz - String Quartet No. 3 - I. Allegro ma non troppo
Aleksander LasoĊ„ - String Quartet No. 2
Kiran Ahluwalia - Arti
Harry Somers - Music for Solo Violin
Rick Bidlack - Beauty Enthralled
Robert Rosen - La
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sonatina No. 1 In C Major, K. 439b: IV. Allegro
Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata In G Minor Op. 49, No. 1: I. Andante
Munzio Clementi - Sonatina In D Major, Op. 36, No. 6: I. Allegro con Spirito
Franz Joseph Haydn - Sonata In D Major, Hob. XVI: 4: II. Menuet And Trio
Harry Somers - Strangeness of Heart
François Morel - Deux études de sonorité: 2. Vif
Alexina Louie - Music for Piano: 4. Once Upon a Time
S.C. Eckhardt-Gramatté - "V" Valse Chromatique
G.P. da Palestrina - Sanctus from Missa Brevis
E. Rautavaara - Canción de Jinette from Suite de Lorca
E. Grieg - How Fair is Thy Face from Psalms Op. 74
R. Small arr. - Amazing Grace
Sergei Vasilenko - The Dream
P. I. Tchaikovsky - Pimpinella
Mikhail Glinka - The Lark
W A Mozart - O Isis und Osiris
Franz Schubert - Der Leiermann
Guilio Caccini - Muove si dolce
(Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, c. 1379) - O virgo splendens
Guillaume Dufay (1397 - 1474) - Gloria
John Dunstable (c.1390 - 1453) - Quam pulcra es
Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179) - O Viridissima Virga
Anon. (Gabrielle McLaughlin, arr.) - Lumen ad revelationem gentium
Anon. - Stella Splendens
Anon. - Ave Maris Stella
Hildegard von Bingen - O Virtus Sapientiae
Healey Willan - Missa Brevis X: Kyrie
Healey Willan - Mass XII: Credo
Healey Willan - Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One
Healey Willan - The Reproaches
Stephanie Martin - God So Loved The World
Stephanie Martin - Alleluia
Stephanie Martin - Hear My Prayer
Stephanie Martin - In Magdalenae Nomine
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina - Sicut cervus (Psalm 42)
Calvin Seerveld, J. des Prez - Polyphonic Song
Rob Teehan - Dormi Jesu
Rob Teehan - Oh Light Born Of Light
Rob Teehan - I Died For Beauty
Rob Teehan - Slumber Song
Frédéric Chopin - Polonaise, Op. 44
Johannes Brahms - Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, Op. 24
Federico Mompou - Canción y Danza II
Ludwig van Beethoven - Andante In F Major, Wo O57
Carlos Salzedo - poem of the little stars
Norman Dello Joio - Bagatelles: Allegro Gioioso
Carlos Salzedo - Préludes Intimes: in self communion
J.S. Bach (Transcribed by Dewey Owens) - Partita in D minor: Chaconne
Franz Joseph Haydn - Divertimento: II. Menuet. Trio
Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco - Figaro
Rojelio Huguet y Tagell - Flamenca
Alfredo Catalani - Ebben ne andro lontano from "La Wally"
Charles Rochester Young - Song Of The Lark: II. Flight
Joseph Jongen - Danse Lente
Luigi Boccherini - Sonata In C: I. Allegro con spirito
Gary Schocker - Chimera
François Couperin - Ordre 25: V. Les Ombres Errantes
Johann Christian Bach - Sonata No. 4 In Eb: II. Rondeaux
Esias Reusner - Suite In C Minor: II. Allemanda
Esias Reusner - Suite In F Minor: III. Sarabanda